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Bose ae2 vs qc15 vs other comfortable headphones

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I know bose is forbidden here. I've looked through the forums and easily found out that bose is very "popular" here. Well i'm in need of an advice in searching a comfortable headphone for travel.

I myself own an ATH M50 and found that the sound quality is nice and balanced. However, i can't stand wearing them for longer than an hour. I don't know but i think they are not meant to wear for daily usage? I felt that the headbands are too tight and the earcups are pressing my ear too tightly and plus the wires are tok bulky. I do wear glasses and that might be the problem, since the earcups are also pressing against my glasses hence hurting the side of my ear.

So, after trying my friend's qc15, the first thing i find is that it is super comfortable. It felt as if im not even wearing one. This feeling maybe make up for the below-par sound quality. Im not an audiophile and therrefore couldn't distinguish all the different elements in the music, therefore i consider bose to be good enough for my ears. Of course, i can tell that my m50 is superior to bose, but wearingthem for hours of travelling? U dont think i can stand that.

I'm stuck with bose qc15 or ae2 or any other comfortable headphones. I dont know whether qc15 is better than ae2, but the $150 difference between the two is a huge factor to me. Bose is very much overpriced at their pricerange, but im willing to get used headphones if nothing can compare to both the noise cancellation and excellent comfort level by bose headphones.

Any advice is appreciated and im willing to try new headphones that might suit my needs. Also if you can refer me to a place in los angeles where i can audition theese headphones, that would be great.

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Unless you need noise cancelling, I don't think you can assume that the QC15 is better than the AE2. I prefer the sound of the AE (original) over the QC15 and I own both. Apple stores and Best Buys have both for demos but I would take that with a grain a salt. Demo stations may not be the best way to audition. I prefer to buy and return if I don't like it.

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I tried the qc15, owned the ae1, and now using the ae2.

The qc15 really does not have too great a SQ at all, and the active noise-cancelling gave me the ears-clogged-with-water feeling, IMHO; the ae1 is extremely tuned towards pop/dance genre, highly enjoyable out of the box for these guilty pleasures, but the ae2 is the one that hit me with it's clarity, albeit with a much less aggressive bottom end.
All are equally comfortable.


I used grados (killed me with terrible headache and neckache), sennheiser px100, hd485, , hd595, hd25-iis, ie8 (loved them think im a fanboy here), denon (1001, c710 etc nice but either the highs are too aggressive or the bottom for 1001 was like a fat ass sitting on my chest I CAN'T BREATHE!), love the v-moda m80.....and others.


Oh, and beyers, cheapies like dt235 and their legendary dt880 are fantastic too.  Even for their comfort.


Sorry for sounding like a drunkard but UMMMMMMMMMMM: V-moda M80 or AE1 or AE2.

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Thanks for the replies.

How is ae2 for the noise cncelling or sound isolation? Will it block background noise in an aircraft? Also, does it allow everyone to hear my music? I kused grado before and since its a open air phone, everyone is listening to my music.

I'm about to pull the trigger on the ae2 real soon.
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Decent, but not excellent isolation for ae2.

I'd expect should be fine unless you have a jackhammer operating next door.

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Out of many headphones I have tried, AE2 have the ultimate comfort level. As for QC15, go for them if noise-cancellation is a priority for you and you have extra money to throw away. Rest in everything else, AE2 beats QC15 hands-on..........Hope this helped! 



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