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IEM for running/jogging

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Hi all,


I am currently using UE TF10s and love them, but when i use them for jogging or running they keep falling off and i need to keep putting them back in, which is pretty annoying. 


I usually jog/run about an hour a day, i am looking for IEMs which are not too expensive ~100 $ and provide good comfort and the IEMS manage to stay inside T_T. 


Thanks in advance


PS Dont get me wrong i absolutely love the TF10s. Only wish they were a tad more comfortable

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Ever try Yurbuds?  They don't offer the greatest sound on the planet, but they certainly never fall out!

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having a look at it right now, i was also wondering how the klipsch s4's hold while running/jogging

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Aren't Yurbuds open? For something open that is cheap and good to use while exercising, consider the JVC HA-EB75 earbuds with rubber earhooks. It is only around $8. It sounds much better than I expected.

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No...the Yurbuds aren't open at all.  They have a formed silicone tip that covers an earbud.  So it goes in the ear canal a little bit.  The earbuds them come with them are ok sounding...but the good thing is that you can put those tips on any earbud you want.  I used them yesterday and ran 3 miles and it was almost 100 degrees outside.  Stayed perfect in my ear. 

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How can they fit on any earbuds? Earbuds all differ in size and shape.

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Originally Posted by JK1 View Post

How can they fit on any earbuds? Earbuds all differ in size and shape.

i am currently in europe and i wasnt able to find a direct retailer and amazon has the prices inflated prices. how are the addidas+sennheiser ones.

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The silicone tips have a hole in the bottom of them.  So you just put your earbud inside of that hole and there you go.  I'm not talking about an IEM...I'm talking about an earbud like the apple style earbuds. 


Originally Posted by JK1 View Post

How can they fit on any earbuds? Earbuds all differ in size and shape.

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you can get klipsch S4, phonak PFE012 for sport usage, they are pretty well suited.

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My brother uses Klipsch S4 for his running and he doesn't complain about them falling out.

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I use the Klipsch S4 for running and they get the job done.

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I bought my wife the klipsch s4. She likes them and it's entry level for her into nicer than cheapo earbuds. I picked the for her because they have a lot of bass and I thought that would have a good wow factor for her. I had a pair of very old shure iem phones for a long time but my dog ate them. I've now burned thru 3 pairs of ety hf3s via exercise. Very susceptible to sweat damage. I've come up with a solution that is fairly good i think. I bought a pair of sennheiser Cx 680i phones. They have fins so they stay in pretty well. The sound quality for working out is pretty good. With clips there is very little wore noise and using the little silicone rounded ear pieces they are quite comfortable. I am sending the etys in for a warranty repair and I ordered the Martin Logan mikros to try something new.
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I really like the MEElectronics M6 and S6.  They are inexpensive enough and sturdy enough that you don't have to worry about ruining them with sweat.  The microphonics are minimal especially when you use the shirt clip. The sound quality is really good for the price.  And perhaps most important of all, I fit them in my ears at the start of my run and I don't have to fidget with them during the run, itself.  You just put them in your ears and you are done.  With so many other IEM's I am constantly adjusting and re-adjusting them as they re-position in my ears during the run -- but not with these. Also, they are a really nice size, so they don't irritate your ears, either.

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+1 on the M6 i love to use them for the gym and they dont fall out. As for the yurbuds I don't like them they are good for one thing and that is not falling out for me the bass was lacking a lot.

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