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For Sale: Stolen customs alert (London, UK)

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For Sale:
Stolen customs alert (London, UK)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I figure that customs aren't very easy to sell so I'm making a thread here.


Someone stole my bag in central London (UK) yesterday and it contained my UM customs. It was reported to the police at the time.


They are plain translucent red with no decorations. They're attached to a Westone ES2 cable (with glue!) and they're in an Ultimate Ears crushproof tin. Repeat: the Westone cable is glued to the shells.


Any sightings or information will make will be very welcome and I should be able to offer a reward.


It could not have happened at a worse time I could hardly feel worse right now... sorry if this thread shouldn't really be in this section.


Thanks for your help.

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That blows, man.  What model UM are they?  Any pictures available or already posted in a different thread?  I frequent the forsale forums here and fleabay, and will let you know if something similar comes up

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I wonder if the thief even has an idea of what they are.. but I will keep an eye out for you also.

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Thanks for your concern!

I don't think I posted images on here because they're not really distinctive. They're plain-faced, deep red in colour and are translucent. The glued-in Westone cable is their most distinguishing characteristic.

They've got a dual bore.


They are reshelled TF10s with extra drivers.


Just had a terrible night yesterday! First a gang of bicycle hoodies tried to snatch my phone as they zoomed past -- it fell to the ground and the screen broke, which means a £50 insurance excess -- and then my bag was stolen with keys, Kindle, glasses, customs and so on inside it. The Kindle isn't worth much, but the prescription glasses and customs cost me a lot, and the worst part is that they're not going to be worth anywhere near as much to the thieves.


I guess the moral of the story is to always watch your bag or keep it attached to you!


Thanks again.

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Yeah, **** happens buddy. Hope you get all your items back.

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Definitely post some pictures on this posting - and bump it every now and then. I hunt for Custom's on these forums... if I see yours with someone who has 0 feedback - We'll look out for you. Maybe do some recon work via PM's to get to the bottom of this.


Good luck man!

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