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high bass headphone

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im look for high bass headphones, with large amounts of bass,and not worred about clarliy, willing to spend $500 for a good set, any recommendations?

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Hello and welcome to head-fi


There are good choices in your price range, to mention a couple: 

Ultrasone pro900

Denon line (D5000)

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Beats, can't recommend them enough. They sound exactly what you're looking for and in your price range. Ludacris also makes some of the highest quality headphones available. 

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xb500 if you dont need clarity... Pair it with the zo2 amp.

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Originally Posted by Prakhar View Post

xb500 if you dont need clarity... Pair it with the zo2 amp.

Yep, that'll do it. 

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hahahaha 500 bucks for a bass heavy headphone with no clarity? spend 50 bucks and get sony xb500 and spend another 140 on a fiio e17 (it has an equalizer so you can turn the bass all the way up on the e17) and here you go, blow your eardrums out with the bass. you dont need 500 bucks to spend on a bassy heavy headphone with no clarity lol, 500 bucks should definitely include clarity...

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There are many headphones with great bass but with xb500 you will get the most bass out of any headphone and that too for only 50 bucks and bad clarity(you can get that by eq-ing it). There are other great choices like sony xb1000 which give you great range in the bass area. Ultrasone pro 900 and d2000 would give you great bass and over all quality. But i have never listened to a headphone with more bass impact than xb500

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I would vote for the d2k. If you want to upgrade the sound and spend more cash, then d5k.



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Try any Ultrasones, and you'll get a good clarity as well. basshead.gif 

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Please try out both BeatsPro ($399) & Utrasone Pro900 ($329) , then tell us which one you prefer.biggrin.gif

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Pro 900 is the one, if you are willing to spend $500, then look for a headphone that is both bass heavy and very clear, like the ultrasones 

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