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E17 -> L7 -> A1 -> 2.1 Energy Speakers

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I own a Fiio E17.  


I also own a pair of Energy RC-Micro 5.1 satellite speakers which were the rears for a 5.1 speaker system.


Here's what I'd like to do.  Please advise whether it might work.


Connect the E17 to my computer.  Then, use an L7 LOD to connect the E17 to the Fiio A1 amp via 3.5 cable, which will power the Energy satellite speakers plus a Polk subwoofer.


Will it work?


Thanks for any input!



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Have u bought the A1? I ask because if u needed small a TK2050 based amp offers better SQ/power and for the same price u can get stuff brand new like the Audiosource AMP-100, Sherwood RX-4105 if small isn't a must L3000.gif


For any stereo amp that does not have sub out you would hook up it's speaker out via speaker wire to a sub with speaker in/high level input. Then you hook up speaker wire from the sub's speaker out/high level output to the speakers.


One of my PC audio set up has an E7+L7 feeding RCA to a TA2020 amp with some Polks and it's been fun tongue_smile.gif

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Thanks! That's helpful. I haven't purchased the A1.  I'm now thinking about this amp.




I'm still a bit confused how the L7 connector works.  Do you use a 3.5mm to RCA cable to go from the L7 to the amp?


Thanks, again!



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O_o if you want to spend $39 on a Pyle i'd rather u hit a $20ish Lepai TA2020 amp tongue_smile.gif Yes you feed line out via the L7 to an amp using a 3.5mm/RCA cable

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Hey Alex,

Have you look into the Topping TP-30...???  
The TP-30 is a Class-T mini amp with a built-in DAC and it's pretty much all you would need to hook up your speakers+sub to your Pc...



It's probably more than you're looking to spend but well worth it (right now it's going for $108 on Amazon).... It has great reviews on Cnet and Parts Express...




s far as the Lepai TA2020 amp, i've been reading some people complaining about noise from the pc (internal components) leaking out to the speakers.....

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I forgot....   The hook-up would be

Pc----->>>> Topping TP30------>>>>speakers

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Thanks to both of you for the suggestions.


I'm going to check out the TP30.  


Really appreciate the help!

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Err the TP30 as an all in one solution may sound attractive but as an amp (TA2024) and a DAC (PCM 270X based) analysed seperately i would say it is overpriced 




I've heard a 20 dollar Lepai tripath amp, soundly kick the ass of an Onkyo 304 AVR driving Jamo 406 floorstanders in a large room. Better detailing, much better soundstage, better handling of transients...the works

I have also owned and tested the Lepai vs AVRs costing 10+ times more for strictly 2 channel and paired with somewhat efficient speakers (92dB floor standers in my experiment) they really have no rivals performance//$$ but of course if you want to fill lung busting sound in a largish room a TA2020 isn't the right tool tongue_smile.gif


More insight on the PCM 270X



none of the other PCM270X based DACs really have anything good about their sound. Yes, I’m serious. Texas Instruments really designed this chip for basic audio devices such as USB headphones (more like USB headsets), USB speakers (those tiny PC speakers that run from the USB hub), or LCD monitors that come with a built in USB speakers. On some applications the PCM270X tend to be used mostly for USB receiver functions (though being limited to 16/48 

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Thanks, trog!


Since I know the E17 is a decent DAC, I think I'll save money by going with the LP2020 and using it with the E17.  

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Yep u are welcomed and happy shopping L3000.gif

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