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Moving Around Cans

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So what headphones do you really use when moving around with a PCDP (and no amp)? I don't mean doing exercise/jogging etc. I mean just moving around in the house/yard doing stuff, running errands, and the like. Do you go beyond Porta Pro/KCS-35? do you really use your Grados/Senns/Beyers/AKGs/Phillips/Sony? (I'm trying to decide whether to do anything more than the Koss; I listen mostly to rock and jazz). Thanks.
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my mdp has been my main source for 1.5 years now. I've had some full size cans that I used wherever I went, around the house. or sitting in the garden reading a book for instance. they werent best-of-the-best tho (the 565 ranks pretty high tho). but if I was going back to fullsize cans, I'd like the idea of a somewhat portable situation (pcdp+portable amp) and carry it around the house to listen wherever I want (I wouldn't take it all out for a walk tho, with all the rain here). this is IMO a big advantage of headphones, you can have great sound wherever you go.

baing back to basics now, with the entire set-up fitting in my pocket, the stuff gets hauled around all the time
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