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Low-budget headphones

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Hi all,


I've been looking for a new headphones here in Portugal and i cant decide between these two:


Sony MDR-V300

Sennheiser HD 202 II


I listen to music at home and on the street.

Personally, i prefer sony, but the cord is sooo god damn long to use it on the street, but i heard that the bass is awesome and i'm a bass lover. Sennheiser cord is very long too but it has a cord winder that helps. additionally, i had a hd 201 in the past and i loved the sound!


Which one i should buy? Sorry my bad english.


Cheers all :)

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Wow, its the third thread on budget headphones i came across. 


Is bass the only requirement? i guess portability is a must. 


And welcome to head-fi! 

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Thanks ;)


No it's not, yes portability, isolation and a decent sound of course. I like the reversible ear cups too.



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After an hard search, i dediced for kitsound dj headphones. the cord is a bit long but i can handle with that. i couldn't buy monoprice headphones for less than $61 (ships included) from portugal, so i decided for this ones. do you think was a good choise?


Cheers All.

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I got the kitsound DJ some days ago..I was impressed by the soundquality. And the funny thing is that they just don´t do bass. Overall balance and trebble is way better then i expected. In my opinion they sound like i wanted the Sony MDR ZX700 to sound like.


For almost no money at all, its a darn good bargain!

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