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For Sale: FS: Moray James Power Cord (4 feet / 1.3 metres)

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For Sale:
FS: Moray James Power Cord (4 feet / 1.3 metres)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Looking to sell my remaining Moray James power cord, since I am using a battery-powered DAC (Idat-44 Mobile).
Moray James' cables are considered the best match for Museatex products (Bidat, Bitstream, Idat-44).
The power cord is 4 feet long (around 1.32 metres), very well built; the wires are built with a directional geometry, to provide a pure, fast signal towards the dac. They use Schucko plugs.
The audible character is that vocals are brought to the front fully and sound more "human" and intimate. The sound becomes heftier and much smoother compared to cheap computer cables.
A power cord of this length retails for 400$.


Initially I had three for sale in this thread, two have gone (same customer, who was impressed by the first one and bought a second one later on).

I am asking 150€ shipped in Europe (it was 180€ + shipping, initially). Worldwide buyers, please add 10 USD for the increased shipping cost.
We can split Paypal fees, unless buyer decides to use "gift" option.


Thanks for looking,

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Two sold. Only one remains.

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