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Which Headphones are better?

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ATH M50 VS Ultrasone HFI-580


(Which one should i get? (for listening to music mostly)


I'm not really a basshead.

I want quality quality quality.

No boosters or anything (balanced low mid highs) (i can boost with equalizer)

Sometimes gaming.

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I prefer the Ultrasone over the M50's. 

You can also look into the ultrasone Pro 550 if you are into gaming. 

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I'd rate the Ultrasone HiFi 780 and the Shure SRH 840 above both.

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I've owned both.  To my ears:


-580 has more treble and bass emphasis

-M50 is on the warm side of neutral whereas the 580 is brighter than neutral

-mids on the M50 sound more recessed/shelved despite the deeper V-shape of the 580

-M50 is grainier whereas the 580 presents better clarity/details (and NOT in that fake way that's purely a result of tipped-up treble)

-580 sounds more open with better instrument placement/separation within the soundstage

-M50 is more comfortable, especially the headband

-Both are fine unamped, but I found the 580 to benefit more than the M50


It's a give and take, but I preferred the HFI-580 overall.  Personally, I found the graininess of the M50 to become fatiguing after sometime whereas the 580, despite comfortability issues and an emphasized treble, performed admirably through extended listening sessions.


In response to the post above, I have no experience with the Shures but greatly disliked the HFI-780.  Treble was far and away the most pronounced frequency range and it was presented in a wholly unpleasant, unnatural, metallic way. (again, to my ears... but treble presentation is more often than not the primary deal breaker for me)

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I owned the m50. Wasn't crazy about it. V curve with a good bit of clamp on my head. frown.gif

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