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What is the Saddest song ever written? - Page 13

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Most of the things I thought of have been posted, but I haven't seen...

James Blunt - Goodbye My Lover
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I'm a big LOTR fan, and the emotion at the end of Return of the King is amazing. Into the West by Annie Lennox is particularly touching, especially after knowing what is happening during the movie.
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I didn't read the whole thread, but here are the songs that get me:

"If You See Her Say Hello" by Dylan.
"1952 Vincent Black Lightning" by Richard Thompson.
"You're Missing" by Springsteen (about 9/11)
"Mother" by John Lennon (about his dead mother)
"Julia" by the Beatles (ditto)
"Good Feelings" by the Violent Femmes
and friggin' "Cat's in the Cradle"--made me cry since I was 12 years old. Can't listen to the bloody thing.
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doesn't make me cry, but if i'm in a depressed/sad mood, i kinda feel worse:

O.A.R. - Love and Memories

funny thing though, if im in a good mood, i feel even better. Its an up tempo song with depressing lyrics.
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Originally Posted by Zanth
REM's Everybody Hurt's is the saddest song for me by far, though Our Lady Peace's Thief is another that gets to me. It is about a girl who was killed by cancer. Based on a true story...just brutally sad. I love the entire The Bends album by Radiohead. I find it is quite perfect when I am depressed and want to wallow.
I loved that song, though I never knew what it meant because never really bothered to look for the proper lyrics.
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I would have to say "The Tide" by The Spill Canvas

Definitely check it out people! (If you like emo-ish acoustic stuff)

Written by a 19 year old Nick Thomas...just amazing lyricist, and songwriter.
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Tip Toe through the tulips!

nah seriously James blunt -goodbye my lover....sounds like he's being castrated!
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Well, this might be getting philosophical, but something like "goodbye my lover" just doesnt have the visceral impact of something dealing with the more fundamental brutalities of life.

That being said, the song that takes the cake on this for me is:
"Priceless" by Copeland

Written to his girlfriend while she was dying of cancer.

Doesnt really get any sadder than that.

The horrible/wonderful thing is that it isnt even a dirge, but a beautiful song about how much he loves her. breaks me.
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At the moment I can think of.

"oh me" nirvana unplugged
"shine on you crazy diamond" pink floyd

and for some reason boyzone
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oh and "1972" by Josh Rouse
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Sad but not depressing: Warren Zevon's version of "Knocking on Heaven's Door"

Depressing but not sad: Johnny Thunder's "You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory"

Neither sad nor depressing but very irritating: Guy Madden's "Saddest Music in the World"
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MEGUMI - 君が望む永遠 (Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien) , I cried after the game ending. couldn't get over it for the next 3 weeks. still one of my favorite songs of all time.
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i dunno if it's been mentioned before, but anyhoo...

so i was browsing my CD collection and came across Red House Painters and thought "ooh... haven't heard them in a while." so i took it to work, popped in the CD and started casually listening to it while doing my CAD stuff. when "Medicine Bottle" came on, i just had to stop everything, paused and sat there at my desk, listening to it for the full 10 minutes without inturruption, hearing Mark Kozelek sing his torn, broken heart out... i was completely immersed in this sad sad song, and started thinking about my own failed relationships before i composed myself.

i wish everything i listened to can have the same effect.
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Exit music (for a film) by Radiohead it's not what i would call happy
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Moments Of Pleasure - Kate Bush
To Wish Impossible Things - The Cure
Halcyon (Beautiful Days) - Mono

Plus a few song's from Eel's "Electro-Shock Blue":

Ant Farm
Dead Of Winter
P.S. You Rock My World

This album was written after the singer/songwriter's sister committed suicide and his mother died of cancer... very dark album despite some very upbeat sounding songs - but these 3 are the most touching, heartbreaking.
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