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Well, I have just bought my 1st ever RSA amp, the Tomahawk. After many years and many, £1000's I've just made a startling discovery in that the Tomahawk is absolutely amazing. I mean amazing!! It has the blackest background I have ever, ever heard, no distortion, not one little bit, just pure sound as it was meant to be. I am gobsmacked. Most of my amps are opamp rollable so not optimized for a specific curcuit but I'm beginning to think I've just been adding distortion or colour by rolling them and can see why people rave about Ray's amps.


I've owned and still own many amps, portable, transportable, Hybrid, balanced etc... but didn't expect much from the Tomahawk because I bought it on a whim after a brief listen to a guys who came to buy my D7000's recently. Dunno, maybe the RSA house signature is something I spent all these years looking for and at last I think I have a brand I could be happy with forever.


The question is, how much better is the 71B? If it's substancially better then I guess It will be a no brainer and I'll have to start gathering fundage. I am really exited to find something that flicks such a big switch after all these years.


Any comparisons or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks guys