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Hello, Head-Fi community, as a newb I was hoping if someone can solve my problem here.
The rig I'm using now is PC usb output --> Benchmark Dac1 USB --> Rudistor rpx35 --> K701
The problem I have is that although having a detailed, bright and transparent sound I like, the sound is sometimes too bright (sometimes even with ”dental“ sounds) for my ears. 
Just to be clear, the dac1s sound great!  But just not my cup of tea.
So I have decided to change my dac1 (as the problem couldn't have come out of somewhat neutral rpx35) with something warmer.
After while of googling, I have narrowed to two main choices: North Star Dac32 and Electrocompaniet ECD-1 with Lavry DA11 as substitute.
I love attractive mid-highs and transparency of the sound with large soundstage, but too much amount of heavy bass and slurry sounds are the ones I can't tolerate.
There's almost no chance to hear out these devices myself, so here's the million dollar question:
Which dac would you prefer with rpx35 and k701 and why?
And another thing: will a digital interface (usb to spdif) solve the problem?
Any recommendations are welcome. TIA!