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V moda lp vs lp2

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So which has more bass and head shaking power? I have already tried out my friends lp1 and has great bass but what about it compared to lp2? I can get lp1 Nero for 102 on amazon but 200 for lp2 so should I spend that 100$ extra for lp2? Feel free to add some other headphones for about 100-200 I already tried m audio q40 and wasn't that satisfied so fell free to add others

Ps - I listen to dubstep, hip hop , rap, electro.
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Anyone ? Aka bump
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a bump after 2 hours? lol


the lp2 is known to be a significant upgrade over the original, but at $200 you have creeped into the Audio Technica Pro700 MK2 territory which is one of the best basshead cans. denon d1100 is another option if you still want clear mids and treble. fischer audio eterna is great if you like in-ears.

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If you have a smaller head you can try the AKG K81. They sound amazing with dubstep (didn't try them with much else) Sadly they were very small for my head, I think I'm a size 7 3/8 for reference. And for portability you can contact someone like Mad Max, and have them short cabled. All this will end up costing less than either of the two V-Modas.

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