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Suggestions for Non IEM?

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Okay, I have finally decided that non-IEM are the best for me, Can someone recommend a good pair of non-IEM that has good mids and highs as well as decent bass?



Price Range : $20-$80


I would primarilly use this with my ipod, and macbook pro retina display computer.



Please suggest asap, I have no earphones atm!!!




NON-IEM = Not In ear earphones!!!!

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Apple Ear Buds

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there's no better alternatives?!

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At the risk of appearing rude, your needs are quite generic so a limited search here or elsewhere online would bring up many suggestions.


If you look at the foot of this forum itself, there's a very concise review of over 100 headphones in varying budgets: http://www.head-fi.org/t/433318/shootout-102-portable-headphones-reviewed-panasonic-rp-htf600-added-04-29-12


I would suggest picking a few in budget then reading up on them from various sources before making a decision. Ideally you should get a listen first, but it's not always possible (or warranted for that matter).

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Apple Ear Buds   。。。。。。  - -

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