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Advice for my Hi-Fi Portable source... or "Brick".

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Hello Head-Fiers, I used to be a long time lurker in the past, and I've only just started to get into the world of Hi-Fi. Hearing the HD800's my uncle owns wet my mouth for some seriously professional and amazing sound quality that money can buy. Unfortunately all I have are a pair of m50's plugged un-amped into my Verizon wireless Galaxy Nexus 4g with power amp. I know that this isn't the most desirable hi-fi setup, as the nexus was the poor offspring not gifted with it's fellow galaxy's wolfen DAC, or supercurio support. However I also know it is not the worst either and I get pretty good sound out of it. I just feel like It's lacking a bit in the spacial and mid presentation that I long for, thus my journey began. 


I started looking at peoples gorgeous portable rigs, sources such as Clip +, Rocoo P, Rocoo V, I basso d1000, Hifiman Hm 601, 701, and 801. Most amped with Fiio amps and cmoys. Basicaly, I'm hoping to build a setup like this that produces great sound quality with a purchase, hopefully, of a hd600, in the future. I'll get into my music preferences in a second, but first off let me tell you what I'm looking for. 


  • must be under $250, preferably less than $200
  • I don't care how big it is
  • I don't care about simple/basic the interface is, I already have a nice phone
  • I must be able to drive an hd600 with LOUD volumes
  • can be a combination of a source/amp, or just a source, but I don't want to hookup my Gnex up to an amp
  • must be able to hold about 20 gigs of music
  • must be expandable


I listen to mainly Alternative music like Radiohead, the spoons, best coast, all india radio, Ben folds. However I also love up and coming hip hop artists. So I think 
I'd like a setup that does a good job of reproducing the mids of the music, as to highlight Thom Yorks vocals, not warm sounding. I also was some sparkly, accentuated Highs, and Low frequencies have to be punchy.


I don't have the money yet so PLEASE don't try to auction off your stuff on here, thanks :)


Respectively, Keigen

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All that typing and no response? Alright I guess I'll just have to figure this out on my rolleyes.gif.
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Hi InRainbows, I don't personally own any dedicated DAP except the Clip zip and my IP4. My replacement unit of the Rocoo BA is on it's way to back me and  I should received them by end of this week. Basing on the power requirements and budget, I think you should be looking at the Hisoundaudio players which has a high output and some feels that it can drive the HD600 to a loud enough volume.. They also take micro SD cards so you can expand your memory beyond 20GBs. From what i understand, they have a brighter sound signature and have a high detail resolution through the mids and highs. In regards to the bass, it will depend on which model you decide on = Rocoo P > Rocoo V > Rocoo BA. These are some of my understandings of the Hisoundaudio DAP and I will suggest you post your question to the respective threads to get a better understanding from owners who have spent enough time with them. Best of luck to finding your perfect DAP. Cheers.  

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Thanks Leo, I will look into it.
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Don't think a HD600 is really ideal for a portable setup due to its open design?

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+1. Definitely not ideal but it does get to a comfortable listening level with it's high output which is pretty much higher than most but not all DAPs that I know of.

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Yeah your right I just meant that I want to have the ability to listen at home with it too Haha. I'm gonna get some hf5's for portability. What do you guys think about a clip+ with Fiio e17 as opposed to just a rocoo p?
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