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Wanted: WTB:Teclast t51/s:flo2

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WTB:Teclast t51/s:flo2

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Looking for one in good condition. Prefer it to be in uk or europe.


Let me know if you have one, it's condition and storage etc.


Also, please note the price as well as I'm not looking to spend too much.


I'm in Birmingham, Uk.


my ebay history:

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For Sale: £120 (GBP)
For Sale: £25 (GBP)
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I could tell you where to buy one yourself on a website or are you looking to buy second hand?

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If you have a website that has them in stock that'll be great
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Please be careful, the newer batch T51 have used a cheaper or a fake part somewhere which resulted in noise, so they lost popularity.


Of course, the T51 is still a famous DAP, especially in China.


Anyway, why do you want to buy one?  I have one...

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Well I used to have one way back and could use it to replace my fuze.
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Bought off Varley.

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I found it on

I was googling and stumbled on it.

There was this other website but this one looks more reliable.


Are all new T51's inferior now?

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