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OK... I generally do enjoy my HD650's with my Cambridge DMPlus sourced from ripped AIFF lossless files at 1411 from my MacMini with Amarra 2.4 as the front end on top of iTunes. Great stuff and many happy hours of listening.


Tonight though my son wanted to borrow a couple of CD's for his car. Where are all the CD's? in the basement, in a box, buried...OK, we go through the box and find what he was looking for, Disney classics vol 1-5....No rap around here!


While we were digging for Disney gold I found several previously ripped discs; Alison Krause & Union Station's New Favorite, Pink Floyd DSOTM SACD, Sting Sacred Love and several others. Into the Man Cave they went,


Next to the DAC and the Mini is my Denon AVR-4311ci connected via Denon Link to the venerable Denon DVD-5900. A reference CD/SACD/DVD-Audio deck.


Here is Kris Deering's review from Feb. 2004:


Sometimes you have right in front of you great Headphone opportunities! The Denon Link keeps everything totally digital. While I also very much enjoy analog, it seems that it is the conversions that offer a chance to drop something. Here all the bits are taken care of and the HD650's just sing. beerchug.gif