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Originally Posted by Yuceka View Post

No personal attack whatsoever as I do not know who you are. I was criticizing a ridiculous opinion like S3 not being better than a $15 Coby player. 


If you it's that bad why bother commenting here? Move on! 


I was talking specifically about the sound quality (obviously), which IMO is worse than many cheap MP3 player due to its high output impedance etc.  I'm commenting about it here because head-fi members considering the S3 as a DAP might be interested.  Sigh...

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Let's not forget that you can pair some external DACs with the S3 as well

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S3 audio quality is leagues ahead of iphone 4/4s

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Originally Posted by AlexLacasse View Post

S3 audio quality is leagues ahead of iphone 4/4s



Objectively, no. Subjectively, arguably no.

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Favourite phone for audio quality are the new Sony xperia AX. It has custom eq, XLOUD which boosts volume, and clear audio +. It's definitely better than the beats audio gimmick from HTC :)

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Originally Posted by AlexLacasse View Post

S3 audio quality is leagues ahead of iphone 4/4s

Is that with a tweak of a custom kernel with sound mods?


I have an iPhone 4 and an S3 and I don't really consider the S3 better.

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I completely agree , the S3 isn't a good music player at all


I just got a iriver ak100 to replace it... 

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I have a question, how would an S3 compare to a dedicated music player such as a colorfly C3? Does anyone have both who can make a comparison?

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I'm not really a portable audio guy anymore but using the S3 with Neutron music player, high quality FLAC files, Predator and RE-262 prototype IEMs (got them from Fang before the RE IEMs came out) sounds pretty good to me.  I've had a few different portable setups over the years but all things considered this is a pretty good bang for your buck set up.

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I use the S3, and before that, the Samsung Galaxy S with Voodoo Sound from Supercurio.

That said, he hasn't released Voodoo Sound for the S3 yet, and chances are... he won't.


That said, I do quite like the sound, but some headphones will need an external amp.

Luckily for me in the UK, the sound chip inside is a Wolfson.


I need my player to be Android because I use Spotify as my main music app. I don't carry around many seperate sources anymore.

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He will release voodoo sound for Galaxy s3/Note 2. He just hasn't spend so much time on coding lately.
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I recently got the US Verizon Galaxy S3 and was also impressed by the quality of the included earbuds. I don't use my phone as my main listening rig, but I do listen to Pandora and vinyl transfers I've uploaded to Google Music for on-the-go music. I don't have any of the issues others have reported on crackling noises or other issues, so far so good!

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My DBA-02 is pretty much unusable with the ATT S3. The noise floor is probably 40dB louder than my almost silent Captivate with Voodoo. Anyone with the U.S S3 not have hissing and distortion problems when paired with balanced armature? The stock IEM does a good job taming the noise but really lacks detail. Not sure if I got a dud or if all the U.S versions have way too much noise.

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Does anyone know if playback of hires (24bit) flac files is possible on this through the usb digital audio out an external dac/amp?

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I'd like to share my impressions of galaxy sIII listening experience,

but I can't offer any high-end cans comparison, since I don't own any nor amps to drive them.



Galaxy SIII international version, baseband I9300XXELL4

Kernel version 3.0.31-566833

FW: stock Samsung JellyBean 4.1.2, stock launcher (TouchWiz)



Samsung out of the box earphones.



Used Poweramp paid version since bought the phone.

Now trying to get something of Neutron free version. Don't know how

to use parametric eq settings yet.



Track: Wish you were here - Pink Floyd

44.1kHz/16bits/1411kbps Flac file


Clear, pleasant acoustic guitar. 

Well defined mids.

Clear hihats - lack brilliant touch though, feels like missing hi freqs.


Low freqs / bass range

Soft, pleasant drums, most of the time.

Sometimes feels like overdrive/clipping.


Dynamic range

It appears to be a compromise here. If the volume is raised up, 

clipping will occur at some point. It could be on bass frequencies,

or even on treble ones, depending on the track is being listened to.



In this particular track and album, could say soundstage is absent.
There is no way of defining anything. Looks like everything is blurred,

in this respect. But with Bruno Colais' Coraline OST, 32bits/320kbps mp3,

for example, the soundstage is, if not superb, much more pleasant and convincent.


There is some overall distortion, but I'll credit that to my inability with neutron player

till now. With poweramp the tracks are clearer, and better defined.



For those having some issues with sound, I've experienced that when using

third party equalizers. It appears they need to have some timeslots to think about

what to do, and then the music/video 'gasps' at some point. Very annoying indeed.


Whenever I stop using these 3rd party apps, the effect ceases.


You could look at settings/sound/music effects and see what is default there.

Also, some apps (like SongPop) tend to mess up with the audio system,

even when not running (but with services still active in background).


Bottom line

As people told, this is not an audiophile equipment. Far from it.

Listening tends to be wearing after, say, 30minutes or so. 

It's ok (just ok) for casual listening or youtube browsing and,

eventually, to answer/talk to people... rolleyes.gif





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