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Alternative/Rock headphones for under 600$?

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I have some money now and I'd like to buy a new pair of headphones.

I'll be using it for home use and for (mostly) alternative and rock.


I'm a fan of closed headphones but I'm open to any other suggestions.

The budget is under 600$.



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I thought the Sennheiser HD600 and beyerdynamic T70 were great can and great all rounders. The HD600's are warmer and smoother while the T70's are more analtyical and neutral. It all comes down to preference as well.


Another good headphone is the Phillips Fidelio L1. It's warm, slightly bassy, and smooth. I think it gives rock some needed smoothness and the treble is a lot more pleasing.


Another option is the Shure SRH-840. It has a similar tone to the L1, but is more affordable. I would say the L1 is more refined and energetic.

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I too listen to mostly rock music, and I'm finding the HD-600's a charm. However I recommend you going to shop where you could listen to the demo's and see which one you like most.

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Grado RS1 I think that could be the pinnacle for rock music listening. Personally owning only SR80s but I think they will be that good.

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Sorry didn't know the retail price of new pair would be slightly above your budget at $695 or so. Think of a used pair then


EDIT: also didn't know what they sell now are RS1i... revised version of RS1 with an alphabet of i

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Bump to ask the same question without starting a new thread, but my requirements are a little stricter:

~300$ Used (So in the 400-500 new category I suppose)


-No Grado's, I had some SR60's that were modded and woodied, and I loved them, but they inflicted great pain upon my ears. Someday I'll mod another pair and try to rectify this issue, but not now

-Must be comfortable, plenty of room for my awkward ears to sit in the cups for hours on end

-Amping is not an issue at all

-I prefer open backed, but it's not a necessity

-I prefer a little treble tilt, but still prefer warm mids (So a little warm but with "bite" would probably sound good to me)

-a balance between sound-stage and intimacy

-must still do other genres (jazz, EDM, classical, OST's) well


-Is the DT880 going to be too laid back for this? Also, will it make poorly mastered/compressed modern rock un-listenable? I listen to a lot of modern rock

-When modded, do the Denon D2000's fill this purpose? Or are they still darker sounding even after mods

-I heard the HE-400 recommended but it seems sort of weird right around 1khz, thoughts?



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