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Total Bithead problems

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There's no sound coming through the right channel when I use my Total Bithead, is there anything I can do or is it time for a new amp? I'm not handy with repairing electronics... I should add that this is with both jacks. It's also been hissing quite a bit the past month or so, it used to be nearly silent.

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Same problem via analog input and digital input?  At least with analog input, I have had my input cable go bad over time... due to flexing, pulling or whatnot.  I guess I'd also fiddle with the volume pot a bit ... to see if the pot has 'worn thin' at low levels.    If the channel comes back in as you turn the volume up... then probably it's the pot that's bad.


Have you checked that your headphones work normally when plugged into another source?


My BitHead has worked flawlessly for years now... so I'm hoping it isn't your amp.  I have had a number of cables go bad over the years.

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Only tried with digital, channel doesn't come back regardless of volume, tried multiple headphones that work fine..


Tried different USB cables, tried different PCs, etc.


I'll probably be buying a Fiio E10 or E17 to replace it.

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I've had the right channel (when using the USB DAC input) on my bithead go out a few times. I figured out that I can fix it if I switch over to the line-in, and then switch back.


Weird, but fixable.

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SOLVED!   This worked twice for me:



Hey Bert,

I'm very sorry to hear about this.  Hopefully I have a little trick that will get that amp working again without you having to send it in for repairs.  While playing music on USB, plug in an iPod or portable CD player into the line-in jack using the included mini-mini cable.  Once you plug this in, it will bypass the USB audio and only play sound from the iPod.  Now unplug and reinsert the cable a few times into this line-in jack.  Hopefully this should release any built up static or debris that was preventing the USB audio to function properly. 

I really hope this helps get your amp working properly again.  If you are still having trouble, please let me know right away.  The Total BitHead does have a 2 year warranty so hopefully it's still covered.  Otherwise if it's past warranty, we may still be able to help you out so please keep me posted on your results.  If there is anything else I can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask.  


Mike Olson
Technical Services Manager
HeadRoom Corporation
2020 Gilkerson Dr.
Bozeman, MT  59715
406-587-9466 ext. 104

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