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New Headphones (MEEl M6, or...)

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Hi all smile.gif


I'm looking for some new IEM headphones... I know you must get this quite a lot, but there's so many to choose from, I'm kind of lost.

At the moment I've got some SoundMagic E 10's, had them since last October/November...however last month the left one began cutting out, it still works but the sound quality has been reduced.

Anyway, my budget cuts off at around us$30 (or UK £25, preferably more towards £20), I'll most likely be ordering from Amazon. As you can see from Title, I've been looking at the MEElectronic M6 (clear ones are £19.99 on Amazon UK), but I was just wondering if there were other recommendations, I'm looking for something that sounds crisp on solo 'leccy guitars but can still hit on the bass. atsmile.gif And some with decent isolation, as I'm going to be using them with my tablet to watch movies on a coach, don't want the shouts and screams of all the children interrupting my movie. :p


Alternately, has anyone had M6's? How long have they lasted, is the isolation any good?


Thanks :D


EDIT: Oh! And one more thing: depending on the brand, would you recommend independent tips? I was looking at Comply, it's less for comfort and more to make sure they fit and stay in there. I did have some bi-flange, however they used to come off the actual headphone too easily, and I kept losing them.

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I've been using M6 about 6~8hours a week(my gym iem) for 2months now it's still good(I get sweat a lot everytime I go to gym lol) also tips comes with M6 is quite comfortable for me. I can't really compare sound quality since my only other iem is ASG1.2(it's not fare). Isolation wise I think it's pretty good with stock tips.

I found one of review on M6


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Awesome :) Do they come with small/medium/large tips? And they stay in when you go to the gym, they don't constantly slip out?

Thanks for commenting, I know threads like this can be a little hit-and-miss with the replies. smile.gif

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They come with S/M/L also Doubles. I use single medium and it never slips out even when I run on treadmill pretty hard but it's just me everyone's ears are different ;)

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I have a pair of clear M6's, to me they sound a bit muddy. I've had a JVC HA-FX101 for a few weeks and I love them. Clean rumbly bass yet sparkly clear highs and natural sounding mids. The form of the M6 is great for working out but the cord is WAY too long. One problem with the FX101 is that the wire is highly microphonic when worn cord down and you need to switch left with right to wear over the ear. 

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Hmm, really? How long have you had the M6's compared to the JVC's? Muddy as in, not crisp? (I'm new, bear with me while I try and figure out the terminology tongue.gif)

Microphonics are never really a problem for me, the only time cables tend to snag on clothing is when I'm walking and most of the unwanted noise comes from footsteps...


For everyone else, how would you compare the above mentioned headphones to Soundmagic E10/Sennheiser Cx300II?

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The M6's are one of the first iems I've owned. They're pretty durable but I have had to send them in for replacement before under warranty but their customer service is great. As far as the sound quality, it has globs of bass, definitely a basshead phone. However, those oodles of bass tends to cover up some of the other sound range. The highs sound pretty recessed in comparison. That's just my opinion though. My JVC's are still pretty new, less than a month.


If you want to read up on a lot of different iems including the M6's try this thread.



This is where many others and I found the FX101's.


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I guess I have it down between MEE M6 and JVC hafx101...however, I do have a question: what is the difference between this and this?


Hopefully I can get my E10s repaired, so I can compare the two. smile.gif

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I believe the FX1X is an older model and the FX101 somewhat replaces it. From other users comparisons (as I only own the FX101), it seems like the FX1X has more bass impact but less overall clarity than the FX101. So the the FX1X is for the pure basshead and the FX101 is a more balanced bassphone. Someone please correct if I'm wrong.

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Thanks for all that replied, I'm tempted to buy both and send back the one which I think doesn't match up. XD Maybe I will in the future, but for now, I think I'll get the JVCs, as they are cheaper. :) I'll let you know what I think of them, after I've gotten my SoundMagics (hopefully) repaired.


Thanks again!

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