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For Sale:
IC - JVC DX-1000 Detachable cable mod + Bottlehead Crack Amplifier

Will Ship To: Anywhere

First off let me say this headphone could very well be the best closed back headphone out there.  The only reason I am interested in selling it is because I am considering a serious upgrade to the Stax 009.  This headphone is by far, bar none my favorite closed back.  The sound signature is lush, spacious and slightly warm on the low end.  Comfort is excellent, the set is easily driven and does not require a lot of amplification at all to sound immensely satisfying.  It was modded by BTG audio with a detachable 3.5ft detachable quad hand braided cable that is using sennheiser adapter plugs and ends in a standard 3.5mm adapter head.  The set is magnificent and a true diamond in the rough.  The DX1000 is used, some nicks in it and it has a small hairline crack in the headband swivel, this does not affect anything and was repaired with clear glue.  It is solid and should not ever become loose again, but the crack is visible.   Detailed images can be seen here on my deviant art webpage.


Entertaining offers on it along with my Bottlehead crack which comes with a few tubes.  I do not know what I want for this, this is just an interest check, if someone makes a reasonable offer for either the headphones or the amplifier, I will consider selling it.  


PM me if you are interested.  

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