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Sony MDR V6-Made in Japan.

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I won an older pair that were on ebay. The seller said they are made in Japan, it says it on the headband.

Are these Headphones easy to drive?
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I could drive them out of my phone to decent volume levels so yes I would say there easy to drive.

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i would say no.  there is a night and day difference with an amp.  you really hear the depth of the lower ends of the frequency.

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Sadly, I don't have a fancy headphone amp. But my Pioneer A400 has a headphone jack...

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They work fine without an amp and don't improve much with amping. The treble may smooth out some but that's about it. I've owned a newer production model as well as a vintage model from the 1980's, and both sounded the same and were just as easy to drive. 


I think you'll be fine. No need to get an amp for them unless you need more gain.

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I purchased a used pair on eBay also about a year ago.  I specifically searched for one that was MADE IN JAPAN.   My research showed the Japanese made drivers of the first model run were def. better than the later Chinese mfg.   They are a really great performing headphone for well under $100.  They are relatively easily drivin with most sources ( I use a Sony WM-DC2, WM-DD9 and for more power a WM-D6C which has about 4 times output of most portable source equipment ( mostly that it has 4 1.4V power).   I agree that the highs are bit more defined and surely the deeper bass is reproduced better with more power on the D6C 30 mW + 30 mW.   I replaced the badly worn leather pads with a set of velour

Beyerdynamic pads.  I love them you sweat less.

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