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For Sale: Bower & Wilkins P5

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Bower & Wilkins P5

Will Ship To: Anywhere

These phones are in excellent condition and come with all original accessories & packaging. CONUS shipping & PP fees included in the sale price.

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If no one grab this yet, I'd take it .. PM Sent

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Waiting reply, thanks
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Hi guys,


just got my B&W P5 phones today and I have been trying to burn them in since. Now & then I compare them to HD25 and ATH-ESW9, surely both of them blow P5 away as the new babies need more fire.


I'll keep trying for a few more days thru my Yamaha AX-10 / CDX-9 combo, but if they don't come to at least 85% of ESW9 they're going on sale wink.gif so keep watching this page!


PS My Seen HD25 will go on sale, that's for sure.

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