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For Sale: Unique Melody Miracle

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Unique Melody Miracle

Will Ship To: Anywhere



I'm selling my Unique Melody Miracles due to having picked up astronomy this last month, so it was either the HD800 or the Miracles that had to go (unfortunately). They were manufactured on 11/30/2011 and I received them shortly thereafter, so about one and a half year left of warranty. I will include the Fortis V2 cable that came with them during the UMUK launch promo as well as the standard westone(?) cable.


The audio quality is they way it's supposed to be and the shelling is good, except for part of the left earpiece which broke during cleaning (a small piece of housing was broken of, for which I could have had them sent back and fixed but decided not too since I couldn't be away from them for the duration of a remold and because it was only cosmetic damage). This shouldn't be a problem, unless your ears are identical to mine tongue.gif


Everything on the picture below will be included in the price of XXX + shipping to your chosen destination (either to you or directly to a company for remolding to save on shipping costs).


There are rumors circulating on the Group Buy thread about a new possible cable to replace the Fortis V2 and if one would be delivered to me, I would gladly include them in the deal (at buyers shipping expense).

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Want..... badly!!


But, don't quite have the scratch to pick these up (wife just went back to work after 3 year hiatus).


Somebody please snatch these up before I get myself in trouble!


GLWS!  :)

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Got your last PM, but cannot reply due to a 2 PM's per day limitation(?).  Sorry!  Guess I'll have to wait for another 8 hours and 54 minutes... redface.gif

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Hi are these IEMs still for sale?

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Yes, but only at the price listed above.

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Hi, I would like to order Miracle too for custom.


How did you send your impressions to China. It tooks more than $100 for shipping. 



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Are you willing to trade?
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I've now decided to sell these again (due to issues with my hearing, I dont want to listen to iems any more).

The price has been updated to 400 euro (+shipping and fees), the iems are in the same conditions as has been described above.
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You have PM!  smile.gif

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Are the Miracles still for sale?

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Yes, 400 euro + additional fees (incl. shipping). No exceptions.
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Hello I' m very interrested by your CIEM


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Is other white custom cable in Price?
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PM sent!!!

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