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Wadia 121 & HiFiMan HE-5LE Desktop Bundle Deal - $1799!!!



The Wadia 121 Decoding Computer DAC is the ULTIMATE in Desktop Audio!

It has 24bit/192khz resolution on all ALL inputs including the USB.

Just connect your iTransport, Computer, Streaming Audio source, or any other digital source and realize exceptional high quality sound from a small, flexible, power-efficient DAC.

The Wadia can be also be used as a reference headphone amp with the HE-5LE. You can also connect them to a set of Desktop power speakers as the Wadia is a full functioning Preamp to boot with a 32bit Digital volume control with no resolution loss!


Just ask Drew, from now on...he knows this stuff! :)

HiFiMan HE-5LE Headphones


The HE-5LE uses a planar magnetic driver which is a large, flat Mylar diaphragm, coated with super thin aluminum, suspended between rows of slender bar magnets.


The HE-5's diaphragm is therefore driven over its entire area, which dramatically reduces distortion.


It's like a Stax electrostatic phone but it does not require a Bias voltage to drive the speaker. Therefore, it can be used with any standard dynamic headphone amp.


Amazingly enough, the HE-5 is warm and smooth. It also has plenty of definition and air to go along with that.


So, if you found Stax headphones sounding too bright for your liking then these are by all means the solution for you.






Thank You.

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