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T70 v. Pro900 v. K550

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I've been reading reviews and canvassing opinion on a new headphone purchase for a few days now, and think I've narrowed it down to one of these three:


Beyerdynamics T70

Ultrasone Pro 900

AKG K550


I've decided against open phones, so these are the three closed cans that have caught my attention! Any and all opinions on these 3 and how they compare to each other will be very much appreciated.


Many thanks,



For reference I'm including my planned usage from an earlier post here:



In terms of music, I have a pretty broad taste, but in order of preference:

1. Classical (cello heavy stuff in particular) & Classic Rock (Hendrix/Zeppelin/Pink Floyd). 

2. Electronic Chill (Thievery corporation/Fragile State/Cafe del Mar).

3. Early Chemical Brothers type heavier electronic.

4. Easy listening jazz style stuff, (nina simone/sarah vaughan/django reinhardt/joe pass etc).



I use iTunes from my MacBook Pro, into B&W MM1 speakers for home listening. I have an iPod classic, 5g and iPhone 4 for portable, with a Fiio E17 amp (I may upgrade this at some point in the future, but not for at least a year).

All my music is 256kbps AAC minimum, or much higher rate apple lossless.


Intended use:

For all the music types above. I plan on using it through the output on the MM1 when at my desk but need to run silent, so the dac in that will drive them.

When not at my desk, I will be using them from one of my MacBook/iPod/iPhone and I will be driving them through the E17 amp.

Very occasionally I may use them raw into the MacBook/iPod/iPhone.


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Well the pro 900 tends to suffer with classical and is ok with rock, but its amazing with electronic music.The akg k550 is more an all rounder and does really well classical but dosn't suffer really in any area.I havn't heard the T7 so I can't comment on that.If its worth anything I love my k550 alot more than my pro 900 and unless Im going to listen to alot of electronic music I use it.

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Ok, thanks for that.


Classical is the most important genre for me, closely followed by classic rock, so this is where I want them to perform best. I can live without stellar performance with the other stuff!

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During recent NYC meet i heard K550 with 2 different setups one portable (Cowon A3) and one desktop (Burson 160D) and they lacking deep bass classical music demands. I also tried T70p (32 Ohm version of T70) with Cowon and they have much better bass but much brighter, some people think harsh, highs. I want T70p for portable use but they very expensive right now especially comparing to T70

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Thanks for the reply, I wish I could find a set at this price point that covers all my genres, but its getting so difficult to find the right one that I'm on the point of just giving up!

I'm tempted to just go for the T70, but then its hard to decide between them and the T70p, although I will be using an amp most of the time. So hard to make a choice, particularly when you don't have the opportunity to try them out, or the wallet to have more than 1 set!


thanks again for the help, and any other opinions and suggestions are greatly appreciated!



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Hi Hammer 2012,

Which one did you choose?

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yes.its getting so difficult to find the right one that I'm on the point of just giving up! thanks


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I do have T70 and HD650, and look for third pair.. Believe me it is more difficult than choosing first pair :)

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