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RE-262 vesus XBA-3

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I love my 262 for different kind of music.  However, they shine when amped with my E6, which I plan to upgrade soon anyway with maybe E17.

However, in some kind of music, I would like a lil bit more bass but without losing too much of detail :/


Would XBA-3 be a good upgrade over the 262?  I can have XBA-3 for 200$ right now with a 100$ sale!

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The reason that the 262 shines when amped is because it is made to use amped because of its high impedance. Maybe you will enjoy upgrading an amp, maybe one with a bass boost.

I have heard neither earphones so can't comment.
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So you think that only upgrading my amp to let's say E11 or E17 will fix my "problem" with bass?

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I honestly can't say as I don't know how much bass they have and how much bass you want. I do know the e11 have a bass boost option. Your best bet is looking in some e11 and 262 threads for owners of both to find the effects.
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thanks for the tip, I'll do some search

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Originally Posted by floydstyle View Post

thanks for the tip, I'll do some search


Floydstyle, here is a link to ClieOS's long thread that separates IEM's by sound signature; one section of which is collecting heavier bass IEM's together for summary-style review. You can opt for trying one of those in addition to your fine RE-262, or perhaps if money's tight, sell your 262. Maybe you'll find that having both around is good to suit certain kind of music.

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