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For Sale: KOSS ProDJ100

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: Canada / US

I bought these through a friend in the US who then shipped them up to me in Canada. (The only way us poor Canadian's can catch some of the great deals from down south wink.gif). But have decided that while I like their signature I just prefer my Shure SRH-940 and SRH-1440's more. So I am selling these, as I don't want them just sitting around.


I did get them for a better deal than what they are selling for in Canada and would like to see them go to a nice Canadian home since I feel other Canadians will be in the same boat I was trying to get a good deal on these.


So my price is $45 plus shipping which will likely be around $10-15 at most, or if your in Calgary, we can meet and you will save shipping all together.


I am going to take offer from Canada and the US but will wait a couple days before accepting a US made offer to give Canadians a chance on this headphone first.


Also who ever is interested. I have a pair of darn near brand new FOTM headphones JVC-FX40's I picked up in the last month or so, these can be had and added to the KOSS order for $15 with NO CHANGE to the shipping costs for the KOSS as they will be easy to pack inside with the KOSS. The JVC's have a somewhat similar sound that might be fun to explore or use when out and about.


If you not interested in the JVC's that's OK too, but just thought I would offer them up as well to help keep the costs down on an excellent entry level IEM.


No pics at this time but I can get some ready if requested. But rest assured these are both in near to new, immaculate condition.

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