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Sony MDRXB500.AE vs JVC HA-M750

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Hi I'm stuck trying to decide for my next buy of headphones.


I'm looking for better bass headphones for R&B music, but i listen more types or music, but usually more R&B than other types of music, on computer/iphone. Now I'm using Koss PRO4AAT but:


- The sound is plane

- Is too heavy for use it many hours

- Work really bad with iphone


On a spanish forum with no much members and the say about Sony XB 500, and I read about JVC on a review but I am living on a small island and don't have any dedicated place for try how it sounds and don't want fail other time like with Koss.


If you know about more models with similar prices i will look it.


Thanks and sorry for my spelling

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I personally loved my pair of JVC HA-M750's. They worked great for everything that you want to listen to. They're also very comfortable and compact.

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Looks beatiful and have always better reviews than Sonys model, but when i buy the Koss model, show 4,5 stars on amazon and much cheaper than the overpriced mosters solo.


Now i see more people buy it and look amazing

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I'm always careful with the amazon reviews. I dig around on this site until I find what I'm looking for. The people around here never fail to provide great information.

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For that i am looking for information on dedicated forum and find good information


Thanks for your time bowlofsoup 

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No problem man

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