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So I've been happily living with my AT ATH-ESW9 headphones for over two years now. I love them. Unfortunately a bit has cracked and a screw thread broken so while they've been waiting to be fixed I've been using my spare phones (Denon D1001) and everything sounds so BORING.

Listening to my favourite songs sounds completely different and as a generalisation the drums are too loud, I can't hear the vocals, everything is just not as good.


I'll be glad once my ATH-ESW9s are fixed but they do have their downpoints - uncomfortable for too long, and they don't suit classical music at all.


So basically I'm looking at another pair to supplement these for desktop use, with a SIMILAR sound, just maybe a bit bigger and more comfortable. I'd really appreciate suggestions from anyone who has tried the ESW9s as they will know the sound signature I'm after - I've held off upgrading for a long time because I've just been so happy with these 'phones, I'd just like something a bit more comfortable for long listening and a bigger soundstage wouldn't go amiss.