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PlayPcmWin is yet another opensource audio player for audiophiles.



  • Supports WASAPI exclusive mode playback. Bit-perfect capable.
  • Memory play. Load all PCM data onto the main memory before the playback starts.
  • Native C++ optimized code for the playback thread. C# .NET 4.0 WPF GUI for easy use.
  • Supports WAV(16, 24, 32bit), FLAC(16, 24bit), AIFF(16, 24bit) and AIFC-sowt formats.
  • Supports CUE sheets.
  • Gapless playback.
  • Source code available.
  • Supported Platforms: Windows Vista (SP1 or later), Windows 7.


A nice player I've using.


It preload files in RAM, running better on 4+Gb memory computer.