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Every time I have some spare cash for audio equipment, I come here and ask for advice, you guys have never let me down before, so here I go. ( Sorry it got a little long winded, but I wanted to include all my preferences)


I finally have some cash to buy a decent pair headphones - £100 to be exact. I'll list my values below, then mention a few sets I'm interested in.






I like the convenience of closed back headphones, but would not sacrifice a substantial amount of "sound quality" for it.


Must be circumaural.


I want something very neutral sounding, but at the same time bass is very important to me. I don't mean I need whole body vibrating booms. I need bass to be smooth and variable, While I don't know the correct terminology, I often notice that my bass is sort of on or off, no middle ground. I don't like that at all.


They can't be too power demanding, They will be run off a FiiO e11 often, but if this is a problem I can limit them to my desktop amp.


What I'm really looking for here is something to refer to. While I'll probably still use my gaming headphones or my IEMs more often, I want something I can put on, no matter how inconvenient and be able to say, "now that's how it's supposed to sound."



I've looked at:



Beyer Dynamic DT990 PRO (250 ohm)

More money than I want to pay, but if they are good, and I cannot find anything else then I will stretch to them. (I really really like these)


AKG K240

I really liked the "K240 Monitor", but they seem to have disappeared, anyone know where to get any?


Beyer Dynamic DT 770

Again, I liked the older ones, Pre 2005 I think. any opinions on the current ones labeled PRO?


These are all I've seriously considered so far, anty more recommendations would be appreciated.



Thanks for reading,


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