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Comparison with: Audio Technica vs beats

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Hi all,

I want to upgrade my Koss ur40 for casual listening with a better deal for my pocket.

Recently i saw a lot of people with this pair of headphones:



But i don't like stupid trends and i want to save more money and save some sound quality too.


And i came up with this:



Less money and i hope same if not better sound quality.


Some advices??


Sorry for my broken english and


best regards

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And here I thought, yet another ATH-M50 is better than beats thread... but the m40s? *ba dum tss*


In all seriousness, don't get the solos, they are just terrible headphones at any price point.

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I got a pair of Monster Studio and they sound great by in terms of Build quality they are the worst in the market. Every time a take them, it seems they are going to break.
Monster HeadPhones deliver good audio quality but they aren't worth the price. The only Monster that deliver good audio quality and has decent buil materials are the pro but they are topo expensive.

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