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Final Audio Adagio II Review

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As my audio world was open up after trying out the Hippo Pearl (from the previous review), I decided to try out more earphones 
to get used to the many varieties out there. And so I decided to head out to Jaben Audio once again, for another earphone review.  
                                                                          Me Gusta~!
This time, I was given the Final Audio Adagio II, and will be comparing it with with the previous Hippo Pearl. Not much infomation 
on the net, even the box itself is written in Kanji. So lets kick start with the build quality.
-Design, Built Quality, and Fitting-
                                        Final Audio Adagio II [I do not own this image!]
                                                                         Classy touch
First of all, impression. To be honest, I find the design and outlay of this earphone rather unique than the Hippo Pearl.
It has 3 different colours, namely Indigo, Cream, and Black. For my taste, I would definitely take the black coloured 
one for it's stylish.
                                                    Final Audio Adagio II [I do not own this picture!]
                                             Looks kinda like my old airplane model engine, LOL!
I notice the airplane engine design used on the housing. Perhaps it's there to enable efficient
air-flow for the driver to reduce heating on the cabinet. The wires are thin and also don't tend to tangle up which makes 
life easier for portable use. Even if it's thin, I was assured that it's more durable after touching and feeling the built 
material used on it. The elastic cable effectively eliminated the touch noise, basicly known as vibrations, unlike the Pearl 
which was annoying. I was even told that this earphone fits perfectly into my ears, which I find true indeed! Comfort is just 
perfect,  for despite the size of the earphone, it's even lighter than the Pearl. From a personal view, the ear tips are made 
soft to reduce the occurance of pain on my ears, in other words, wearing it for long hours shouldn't be a problem for most
people. Overall, the Adagio II is perfect for comfort when compared to the Pearl.
-Sound Impressions-
I've tested it with a list of few songs but I've decided to choose two particular tracks that really shows the Adagio II 
overall performances, namely :
[Sexy and I Know It] by LMFAO
At the beginning of the track, I was pretty amazed with the open soundstage feeling on this earphone. It has an awesome,
punchy, smooth bass without sacrificing much other details of the song. For example, the vocals produced is rather natural, 
clear, and forward, even with those bass going along with the song. The electro instruments on this track was produce elegantly.
It was rather lively and really, really detailed. To put it in other words, it moves you along with the track. THe trebles are 
moderate at start, so it's advisable to burn it in after purchase to further improve the overall music quality. When it comes
to mids, it's above average so it'll go BOOM! This is what makes the Adagio II really unique when compared to the Pearl.
The music you hear from it is great for hours.
[Superman] by Five For Fighting
During the first part of the track, the piano sounding was excellent. The combination of the instrumental part with the vocals are
impressive. Mostly, one can simply feel the impact of the song. For a simple example, when the drums come in further in the track,
it expresses the bands feelings blended along with the song, much like giving it a "Kick". But at times, some parts of the song gets
way too blended along, simply to put in, clarity ain't there at times. From testing it, sometimes the bass overwhelms other parts
of the song which anoyingly disrupts my enjoyment unlike the Pearl! But as stated above, owners of the Adagio II might have to give 
it a burn in first, which is personaly an avisable step to improve the earphone.
-The Verdict- 
After taking the Adagio II for a "ride", the Bass and Mids are way superior when directly compared to the Pearl. But as stated, at times,
the trebles performance drop, simply to put it which makes the Pearl slightly better at this. Like all new earphones, burn in is required 
to boost your music enjoyment on the Adagio II. For the price of RM 295, this IEM outshines others of the same range. Overall, the Adagio II
is a recomended product for those that has a going for some awesome bass, that won't sacrifice other details of the track you're playing. 
For those off you thats planning for an upgrade, I advise you kick start with this IEM. 
I hope you've find the review useful, and lastly, enjoy your music!
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awesome review, Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for the review!!! Looking forward for more. :)

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Hi there mates, currently reviewing the Phonek Audeo 012. Do check it out when it's out! XD

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Thanks for the review to keep the community alive. More variety to choose from.

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Just got my FAD Adagio II and pair with GoVibe Mini Box amp. Before this Klipsch S4 is my target, but after I tested this I prefer this as this produce better vocal sound. Overall I'm satisfied with the earphone. I like the bass and not too heavy and it still keep the clarity sound which I want it. Even without the amp, it is great. Once plugged with the amp, the bass is more strong punch.


Like it. ^^

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I just got my pair of Adagio II, Thanks for the Rexxer92. 

I try it and love it so much!

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Great review.


Be careful of poison when moving up the line wink_face.gif

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