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For Sale:
PINT portable amp: SOLD!

Will Ship To: USA

For Sale is one of the last built of the famous Mister X PINT amp.


The specs of the amp:

PINT board.
LM6172 op-amp for the left & Right channels.
NJR4580E op-amp for the ground channel.
Gain of 4
Low noise resistor values.
Ferrites installed outside the feedback loop (mini3 config).
Silver Hammond 1455C series case.
Silver aluminum knob.
Blue LED
Uses 9 volt Acupower 270mAh rechargable battery


The battery is shot and needs replacement so will not be shipped to save weight.

Also there is no power supply with this, you will need a 15 volt wall wart power supply.


For the A/C Adapter:  try Jameco ( <>) # 189982
the specs are:
Input voltage: 120VAC@60Hz
Output voltage: 15VDC
Output current: 500mA (or more)
Output plug: 2.5mmID x 5.5mmOD center positive

The amp can be used while plugged in, but please remember not to connect or disconnect the AC adapter when the amp is turned on or you risk frying the op-amps.



$85 includes Shipping & PayPal (No CC)


My Head-Fi feedback:


These are new photos of the PINT amp I am selling.

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