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It looks like Koss is trying to take the spot that Philips and Skullcandy used to hold, before they moved to make more higher-end headphones.

I just hope that they'll sound okay, so we(okay, mostly me) won't have to start bashing Koss.


Anyone want some Koss Kandy?

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Originally Posted by Subsequence View Post

If they want to market these in Holland i wish them luck...

Ruk means wank or something bad or rip in Dutch.


Perhaps this is their way of telling Philips that they're stepping up their game.

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All the new Koss headphones are ugly. I tried to ask them to release a plain colored Ruk50 version and I hope they do.


As much as it hurts to say this, the camouflage headphone thing could work for sales. I'm only talking about the people who could care less about headphones.

95% of people in my state seem to be hunters and I could see these popping up at my local Outdoor/hunter store.


Please tell me people don't actually listen to music while hunting though.....and no I don't hunt and would never buy them.


I'd like to see Koss make a headphone that's ultra comfortable, less portable and maybe has memory foam pads like on the Philips Uptown.


Koss seems to rarely get the comfort right on some of their headphones. The Ruk50 looks like it might be comfortable.


I bought an ugly headphone (598) because I only cared about the sound, but the Ruk50 would be pushing my limits.

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