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Koss Releases new Headphones: Ruk

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Koss has been a popular company among Headphone enthusiasts.

with their famous and very much loved Koss Portapro. which i still am in love with my pair today.


still innovating with fresh new ideas. which from a Facebook post, they state:

Koss is pleased to announce the release of the all new RUK Series! Check out the bold new line of headphones today!


Koss states that they have made new headphones to be sold, the Ruk series headphones.

they feature stylish looks and dazzling colours. the Model names are:




RUK 50G    }as their Fullsize, Circumaural close headphones






RUK 40S   }as their Superaural, Closed Headphones








RUK 20BP  }as their IEM, earphone lineup.


my opinions...

I never liked stylish looks, because my philosophy of Headphones being a major and serious component to Audio listening, and i take it very seriously as Headphones are not too much to be more Fashion than Tech.

The Stylish and flashy looks of these headphones remind me too much of the low end Skullcandy phones you regularly see that have bad SQ.

but if you want to see for yourself of Koss's new lineup of "fashion-Hp's" here is the link:





I am yet to see and hear these headphones audio quality!

RUK50fp Full Size HeadphoneRUK40t On-Ear Headphone

RUK30s In-Ear HeadphoneRUK20k In-Ear Headphones



the RUK series headphones and earphones are priced around 19.99-59.99$ lowest to highest. according to the Koss website.


These Pictures were taken from the Koss Products Website.


What are your opinions on Koss's new headphones? leave a opinion below

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Those circumaurals... my special eyes! D:
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if they sound any good and have a good value.. the first thing I will do after I buy them is to mod them, paint it all black lol

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Koss already has the Portapro, the KSC35/75, the DJ100, the KDE250, and the ESP950 as their sound quality headphones. I don't blame them for putting out a stylish line, as all of those mentioned headphones are rather ugly to most modern consumers.


That supra-aural one might look like a hit with New York Knicks fans... matches their colors perfectly.

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If the Ruk40K sound as good as the other portable lines I might be in the market for the full black one.

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the pictures i posted are just basic pictures.


they have more Headphones that are coloured differently. not just the ones above.


seemingly though... they are all separated by Model number not by colour



for me, im not expecting much on the Ruk headphones, i know they will amaze some.

they are some pretty eyecandy though if you think it that way

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No way i'm even considering the Ruk50 for testing unless they have a plain colored version. Those are seriously kind of ugly to me and look designed for children.

Maybe the Ruk50 pads are comfortable and fit on the DJ100 biggrin.gif


If they use the DJ100 driver (highly unlikely) and don't release a plain version, then i'll be sad.

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Wow, I was hoping for a new flagship dynamic can from them. But these actually look kind of neato; in a Kotori kind of way. Glad they're still releasing new products, even if they're not targetting the 950's lineage.

Just read the product page for the RUK50 - it always makes me giggle when headphone manufacturers make this claim:

"Big, booming bass!" - Why has nobody let their marketing teams in on the whole bit about "Boomy" or "Booming" referring to a very negative quality in SQ? (Sony also makes this statement in their literature; I haven't seen anyone else do it though).
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I need some eyebleach after seeing those...

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i love the lower left one's design its very robust with the whole metal nut thing but not digging the odd off color grey 

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Originally Posted by jerg View Post

I need some eyebleach after seeing those...

yea, i love Koss's ideas on having such a different looking Headphone. all started on the Portapro.


but i personally dont like their Circumaural lineup.

although i highly think their Superaurals can be some very nice looking Fitness hp's. even if the design is similar to alot of other headphone companies like Audio Technicas hp's


and i already am not a IEM person anymore, so i dont give any attention to any IEM.

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Oh god, my hopes for a Koss resurgence have been dashed forever.

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I'm sure Denon loves those designs.

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Well, looks like they're setting out to top those:

Also, are the full-size Ruk cans actually on the market? Amazon shows them as 1-2 months, but Koss.com offers them for sale. Anyone know?
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If they want to market these in Holland i wish them luck...

Ruk means wank or something bad or rip in Dutch.

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