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I'm looking at procuring a pair of Signature Pros and getting them balanced for my ALO Rx Mk3 amp. I asked this question on the SigPros thread thinking about it more carefully, this is really more a cable question.


Has anyone tried/compared between these cables??


1) Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3 (4x24AWG)

2) Whiplash 8xcore (26AWG??) Hybrid Twag V2 and TWCu 26 (50/50 design)

3) Whiplash 8xcore (26AWG??) Pure Silver Twag V2 Eclipse


I'm particularly curious especially between (1) & (3) where Moon Audio has gone for the slightly larger gauge but with 4xcore, whereas Whiplash has gone for slightly slimmer gauge but 8xcore silver.


Any opinions will be greatly appreciated.