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For Sale:
iPod mini 2nd generation 128GB CF, new battery - HUGE PRICE DROP

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have a iPod 2nd gen in very, very excellent condition (only a few nicks here and there).  The original 6GB micro drive and 550mAh battery has been replaced with brand new 128GB CF memory (133x speed) and a 850mAh battery.  Includes an Apple USB charging/sync cable.


The Apple firmware is the latest with 1.4.1.  Years ago, I used to fix these for friends and family and recently found these in an unmarked box in storage.  Time to get rid of them and help fund a summer, family vacation.


Price includes PayPal fees. CONUS shipping via Priority /w tracking add $5.

  • Yes, this has a Wolfson DAC, if you so care.
  • Yes, you can Rockbox it for FLAC, and other codecs as well as significant customizations not available with the stock iPod firmware.
  • Yes all features have been tested and works (touch pad, headphone out, LOD, charging, pause/play ...etc)
  • Yes, this is a 2nd generation with a much improved battery live over the 1st generation.
  • Yes, IMO, the iPod mini represents the best design and industrial aesthetics amongst all the iPod line.
  • Yes, IMO, the iPod UI still represents one of the best menu navigation amongst all DAPs past and present.
  • Size wise, it's about the same length and width as a Headstage Arrow amp.


International shipping will add $32 to the price, and only with Express - no exceptions unless we've done a successful sale in the past.  It includes on-line point to point tracking and full insurance.

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