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so recently i bought a a starving student hybrid amp and just had some questions about it. 


1. does anyone have any official tech specs, more specifically, the headphone ohm range that it can drive?


2. also have a Fiio E9 / E7 combo. If i use this as a pre-amp to the starving student, does this actually do anything?



3. This thing looks like a freaking Nintendo NES! , does anyone know what the enclosure is from?







4. Been reading that a tube amp is good to drive DT990 600 ohms (that i recently purchased ), is this little guy , beefy enough to do the job, and if you know of one that can do a better job, by all means make a recommendation.





In short i know i am kinda of shotgunning out a lot of questions at once,, and if you think this threads pointless, tell me that or don't . I really don't care, just looking for some info


Thanks ...........