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Dear all!

I own a E-MU 0404 USB that I used mainly for vinyl archiving, and I was rather happy with it. I used a nice power supply, DIY based on a super teddy reg, which gave it an additional boost in terms of musical quality.


However, I mismatched the voltage once I connected it... and since then, its dead... or hopefully only in coma.


Probably, a professional repair would cost obviously more than an equivalent new device. However, I hate to throw it away.


So my question to anybody who know a bit about electronics: Do you think it would be easy to repair?


I suppose, that the voltage confusion must have grilled some parts on it, but certainly not the entire device. Only, one should have a clue how to figure out, what parts are the most likely to fail in such a case, and how troubleshooting has to be made.


The only thing I have is a standard electronics meter. I can of course post a picture of the PCB, if somebody can inidcate me there, where I have to start searching.


So... any help is appreciated!