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After reading many threads i'm confused ( mostly cause i'm new to the subject) about how to get good simulated surround with headphones.


I have the AKG k701, and I would like to be able to get nice (not necessarily "the best") simulated surround effect for movies, games, and music. I am planning to buy an av receiver , and maybe a headphone amp. 


So far i understood that the easiest would be to buy an avr with a feature such as Silent Cinema or Dolby headphone. But this greatly limit the choice of avrs, therefore I am thinking of alternatives:


1 - If I connect a headphone amp like Astro Mixamp to an AVR without headphone surround feature, would that work better?


2 - If on the contrary I connect a regular headphone amp (meaning with no surround effect) to an AVR equiped with virtual surround (but not through the headphone output), such as the ONKYO NR609, do I still get the surround effect on the headphone ? I suppose a dolby surround simulated by the AVR is better than a surround simulated by a gaming headphone amp... right?


Which of the above 3 options is the best to achieve good simulated surround with my AKG k701 ? i have a limited budget so products like the Realizer A8 are out of the question. I am hoping to put $600 max for the avr and $200 max for a headphone amp.


Thanks in advance:)

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