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Bass head IEM's with no compromise?

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Is there an IEM that gives great bass (quantity and quality) but doesn't give up anything as a sacrifice?


I listen to rock music and am looking for IEM's with good solid bass, nice mid range and highs, big soundstage. Something that will be giving me a natural sound, and not artificial.




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How much are you willing to spend and do you want mid-bass + deep bass or just deep bass?  


I think the Wan Xuan i9pro custom IEM would fit the bill if you don't want to sacrifice anything and have a lot of bass.  It fits everything you are looking for perfectly.  The JH16 has plenty of deep and fast bass, but the ultimate quantity isn't as much, although close.  I think the i9pro sounds a bit more natural overall.  The FX700 has a lower price and performance is also below the i9pro, but it is still good and fits, to a lesser extent, what you are looking for.

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I would go with the Audio Technica ATH-CKS77.  They can be had on ebay for around $50, but they are factory rejects, and take a bunch of effort to get them to sound okay.  Going with the slightly more expensive ones, like from ace_of_bicycle on ebay will be factory fresh quality ones, and the sound is fantastic.  Great bass and sub-bass, smooth mids, and clear highs.  The bass on these IEM's was exactly what I was looking for with IEM's and I'm sure they won't disappoint you either.

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Actually I had bought a pair of Shure 535 last week. They sound nice but lacking in bass. I just got a pair to try of Grado GR10 and their is more bass but I think the overall sound quality of the 535 is better. Does that make sense?


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Have you ever try the triple flange sleeves on the SE535 ?  


With that sleeves ,the SE535 sounds even better~~~


As far as i am concerned,the SE535 has more bass(quantity) than the GR10 


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same problem here. the se535 lacks in the subbass region.
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I'm really enjoying my ie80. The bass can be tuned but with a good seal you don't need to turn it up much if any at all.

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westone 3s are good all rounder with good amount of bass. equalizer will also get rid of the mid bass hump.

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Try the ultimate ears 350. Tons of bass but not lacking everything else plus for the price its hard to beat them..



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Logitech Ultimate Ears 350vi for $17 at: http://www.dailysteals.com/



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