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Best Headphone for me

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Hello everyone!


This is my first post on these forums and as most of the newcomers I am looking for advice on which headphones I should buy.

I mostly listen to Hip Hop, Rock and some Pop and Dubstep. I am willing to spend about 150€ (~190$). I have decided to buy over-ear headphones, but I still want them to be somewhat portable, since I am going to use them outside a lot (most of the time on my iPhone). This means I want them to be foldable and it would be nice if I the cable is detachable.


I have already done a little bit of research (also looked at the Headphone Buying Guide on these forums) and came up with some headphones that look rather interesting to me:

  • Koss PRODJ 100 or 200
  • Audio Technica M50
  • Audio Technica ATH-Pro700MK2
  • Ultrasone HFI-580


If I forgot to mention something or there is something to add, please tell me.


Thx :)

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I happen to know just the right place for headphone recommendations.



That said, I own the M50's and have no problem enjoying my music out of them when I'm away from home (I don't take my D5000's with me a lot). For rock they might be sub-optimal with the recessed mids and all, but I like them with hip hop and most electronic music.

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I own the koss Tony Bennett which is said to have the same sound as the dj100 and 200. Ill say you may want more bass than these for the genres you listen to. Its mid forward with decent clarity. You may want to look at beyerdynamic dt770, I don't have it but I have the open back dt990 and they should be similar. I think you will enjoy that a lot, however it does not have detachable cable. Made in Germany though if you care about where the headphone is made in. Good luck with picking
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Thanks for the replies so far!


I have done some more research in the past days and sadly I have less of an idea which headphones to get now.


I've read that the PRO700MK2 are extremely uncomfortable, since they have a very strong clamp, in addition to that I would have to get other earpads since the stock ones suck. I was leaning to the PRO700MK2 the most in the last past days, because they had very strong bass and were very portable (detach. cable, rotating earpads, not too big size) but since the comfort was so bad I moved away from them.


About the M50's... I heard a lot of good things about them and they also seem to be very praised on these forums, but the downside for me was, that the bass is not quite strong, plus I've read several times, that they are not suited for Rap music (which I generally listen the most to) and they have alot of sound-leakage.


On the Ultrasone HFI 580's I've heard that they do not go well with iPods (is that true? why is that? does it also affect iPhones?)


I have also moved away from the KOSS PRO DJ 100's since again the bass is said to be weak and a long unhandy cable which is not detachable, plus an amp is a must (not thaaaat of a big deal, since I will probably buy a portable amp in the future).


About the suggested DT 770's... they seem to be good, but the earpads don't seem rotate and they look overall really bulky.


Anymore suggestions? I appreciate everyone of them! :)


EDIT: What I look for in my headphnoes: comfort, good bass and vocals (for rap music), rotating earpads, detach. cable if the cable is really long, because I will mostly be carrying the headphones outside.

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well, i own the xb500, the amount of bass will be enough for you but i dont think its at all hifi sounding (though i havent listened to it too much), i have it just for occassional bass thumping, thats it. there is the panasonic htf600 that are supposed to be a budget heavyweight basshead approved headphone, my mom has it, its said to be like a little sennheiser hd650, i only listened to it for maybe a minute before and the mids sound ok but i think the bass quantity is plenty but is not enough to be bassier for bassheads. maybe you should look more at the ultrasones, i have read they sound very good and are bass heavy though i personally have no experience with them (bass heavy is not my ideal sound signature). you should do research on every single ultrasone model probably, good luck and try to try out the possible candidates of what you are going to purchase because people have different perceptions of sound signatures. my impression of the koss tony bennett was fairly neutral with a bit mid forward, the other headfier said he thinks its not at all neutral and very mid forward.

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So anyone got some experience with Ultrasone Headphones? I am looking in at the PRO 750's and 550's, since they have detachable cables and they are in my price range. Which ones would you guys say have better bass and vocals? I think comfy-wise they should be quite the same, since they look quite similar?

EDIT: Ok, so I am leaning a lot to the PRO550's since they have more bass than the 750's and they are 80€ cheaper for me. I've also read that the DJ 1 PRO's are the same as the 550's, does anyone maybe own both of them and know any differences in "comfortness" between them, since they look a bit different.

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