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888 mod?

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I came close to destroying my 888s () today when i was fiddling with them. I had taken off the silent cap, and was trying to put em on, and the cover came off partially......and....well, now they are fine, in almost the original condition (the silent cap is on a different angle, tho).

Anyway, i tried getting off the silent cap for comfort reasons - they're fine in bed and stuff, but walking around, they don't feel to good. With their foamies, i don't notice 'em, literally. They feel like lil' cushions in me ear.....aahhh. lol. Problem is, the treble is sacrificed quite a bit, tho bass is improved.

I was wondering whether different (thinner) foamies on top of silent-cap less 888s would work better. Can anyone reccomend some foamies good for this purpouse?

Duncan - can you walk me through your mod? I think i might end up doing it...i just feel like their is so much unused potential in these little guys. Please?
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No, thats not close to destroying your earbuds buddy...

Try stepping on them, having the casing crack, driver pop out... now thats close to having them nearly destroyed...

Then superglue it back in, take the silent caps off, super glue some more, throw away the silent caps, remove the rubber from inside of the housing...

Then not use it anymore at least, thats what happened with my 848s.

I think one of the 888 mods is removing the cover from the thing inside the housing... it will leave whatever is in there unprotected but sounds better? I dunno...
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Try the silicon rings at Radio Shack (4 for $2.49). They don't tear as easily as the foamies and they don't cover the grills of the cap.

BTW, you may want to e-mail Vertigo-1 to find out about his 888 mod. Apologies to Duncan if that was his mod to begin with.

Time to play some GT3! See y'all later.

Regards - reynman
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Hokey Dokey... Here we go...

There are different mods to do different things... Vertigo_1 started the fascination with this in the aim of isolation / comfort (if i remember...) and that was with the Groove Caps off of the MDR-ED2x8 series of buds... this makes the sound "thicker", slightly less coherent, but more noticeable... at the expense of a little treble clarity...

Then, I came up with the "Paperless Groove" mod... based on Vertigos, but with the inclusion of removing the plastic grilles off of the drivers, behind these, there are two little pieces of "paper" that seem to be there to protect the drive units from moisture... they appeared quite thick, so I removed them, replaced the plastic grilles, and the groove plugs, and then the treble was lifted, not to the point of sharpness, but enough to remove the dullness of the original mod.

Then, with limited success, I abandoned the Groove Plugs, and went to the trying different rubber rings (silent caps??) and different plastic grilles from other Sony 'phones... the results varied from combination to combination, and are too numerous to post on, but ultimately, unless the lack of comfort / looseness of the 888s in your ears is an issue, the best sound realistically is obtained when they are in there original form

Hope this helps

(Ooer... I've just though, I've been quite a pioneer with these mods, with both the E888 paperless mod, and the EX70 sealed holes mod ~ albeit that Vertigo wrote it up... hehehe... Does anyone else have any 'phones that they'd like me to mod? )
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reynman - i think i'll do that.

Duncan: so ya think they're best as is? OK.....i kno when to trust an "expert" or...should i say... "pioneer"
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