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For Sale: Ultrasone HFI-580

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For Sale:
Ultrasone HFI-580

Will Ship To: USA

Purchased about a year ago.  They've had several hundred hours of use as they were my most used headphone for a long time.  I've since purchased the PRO-550 and like them better, but that's just me.


Included are the headphones, 1/4 adapter, test CD/product guide (not pictured), and storage bag (also not pictured).  Original box is gone.  I can't guarantee the 1/4 adapter is the original because I mix them together, but it's threaded and it fits.  The bag and test CD were hardly used, so they're in great shape.  The headphones have some imperfections from normal use, I took a photo of a nick in the outside.  it's small.  They don't look brand new, but they don't look trashed either, I take good care of them.  All from a non-smoking home.


I paid $150 new, right now they go for around $125.  Asking $85 shipped.  Payment via PayPal.


Edit: No trades, thank you.  I'm selling these because I've got too many headphones already :-)

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Just wanted to say this is a great deal!
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