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Ultrasone Pro 900 With Soundcard

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Okay Ive decided that im going to buy the ultrasone pro 900 as there bass goes with what i listen to.


I wont be using them for portable i will be using them for my pc. I currently have the Asus Xonar DG soundcard but i was thinking of buying the Asus Xonar Essence STX.

What do you think? Good option?

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The asus sonar STX is a very popular card (built in headphone amplifier), the STX and ST are the same except the STX is pcie whereas the ST is pci.


From memory the DG has the same DAC as the Essence ST/STX, but the latter has a headphone amplifier.


Reviews say that the pro 900 does require amping so i'm not sure if the DG will be sufficient, the STX should be plenty powerful to drive them (it is often used to drive cans with much higher impedance).

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Brilliant thanks, Will be ordering a STX then aswell  biggrin.gif

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i just buy a real amp for 550$ , Graham Slee novo. ( plug on my essense st) and i can say. the amp on the essence can drive only 60% of this pro 900. lol :)

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this dac/amp combo is the best for price i think. but if you want to upgrade your amp later, go for it. beyersmile.png monster improvement :)

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