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Best Headphones for bass? (Dubstep)

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Hi, I'm a absolute noob at headphones and stuff so bare with me!


Basically I want some headphones for my ipod which make the bass sound sick, with a very good vibration feel and just headphones that deliver the bass the best!


I have no idea about headphones and all the decibels and bass levels etc so be simple!


Cheaper the better, but won't spend over £150 quid


Thank you very much! :)

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Welcome to the Forums.

There's an AWESOME search function which works rather well, especially for this request:












etc. etc. etc.


Once you peruse through those and you think you have a handle on the headphones models spoken about on those threads, you can then let us know which ones you are preferring at the moment and maybe more ppl can jump in and discuss...


Good luck!!!

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If you want head rattling bass, get the Sony XB500. They are only £32. Now, I know your pricepoint is quite a bit more than this, but trust me. I have owned a couple of £100+ bass heavy headphones, and not a single one has been able to produce the amount of head-shaking, tooth rattling, bone-snapping bass that the XB500 does. Simply put, the XB500 is my first choice when it comes to Dubstep. I listen to mainly dubstep, so a while back, I got the XB500's specifically for just Dubstep, and I have never regretted the decision. And if you end up getting them, trust me, you won't regret it either. Hope this helped in some way. And good luck to you!

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I know exactly what u mean! I'm a bass head too! I found these ear buds from Skullcandy called "50/50", and there're made for iPod, has a remote with volume and mic (only works on iPod) multiple colors to choose from! These buds whoop ass dude! I haven't heard the Dre buds, but these are better than the Dre over-ear phones. You hear and feel the bass, with a nice volume, bass sounds good at low volume. The down side is really not the average price of $50, but the durability! It sucks! I bought like 5 pairs! But they sound so good! But Skull candy supposed to have a lifetime guarantee. But I didn't feel like goin through all that registering stuff! Lol the Skullcandy "Inked" rock like hell too for around $15-20, but their durability sucks too, and the "50/50's" are a little louder! I think they have 12- 13 mm drivers, which really no one else has.
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Definitely Ultrasone HFI models at this price range on Amazon.

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