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Anyone own both D2000 AND M-80 ???

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I'm really happy with my D2000 cans that I use at home, but I'm also looking for something portable.  I consider myself a "bassy-head", not so much a "basshead".  Unlike most, I dont' really consider the D2000 to be "basshead" cans - while they do extend quite low and have some rumble - the bass doesn't swallow up the rest of the band like typical basshead cans (Q40 is one example).  They remain clean and detailed throughout the entire range.  I've read a lot of positive reviews about the V-Moda M-80's and I'm wondering if these are a good compliment to the D2000's?  I think the M-50 is another possibility.  I'm curious to hear some thoughts from anyone who owns these two (or three) headphones.   

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I personally love my M-80s and find them to be a good complement to my M50s and HD25s. I actually find them to be a bit more balanced across the spectrum than the M50s. They're also nice and smooth while also being detailed and have a decent soundstage (better than HD25 in that regard and not as edgy).


I find the bass impactful and the extension is nice. They have a warm character similar to my Denon D1000 and the mids/vocals are very natural IMO. The treble is a bit polite on the M-80 but you can always EQ it a bit for extra sparkle. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your input.  It's hard to gauge the bass quantity on the M-80's.  Some people call them bassy, and others (like you) call them balanced.  I guess that's what subjectivity is all about.  I found a like new pair for only $130, so I'm gonna give 'em a shot. 


FYI:  I owned the Sony Z1000's for about a week.  I read some reviews that said they had good bass while being very clear and detailed, but not to my ears.  Great headphones - sharp and punchy - just too analytical for me.

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I have the V-80s which I believe are the same as the M80s and I don't find they are bass monsters either... They produce a very good sound though and every genre I've listen to with them sound A-Ok! Be aware though that they are "on-ear" headphones so... they are definitely NOT as comfortable as the Dx000 (at least to me...)

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I own both but I sold M80 few weeks after having bought it.

Too much bass, nice mids, not enough upper-mids & highs for my taste.

To my ears, D2000 is MUCH better and more comfortable too, but of course not really portable.wink.gif


I'm now looking at HD25 & KRK KNS

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what about the denon 1100?

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I own/owned all 3. In terms of bass quantity (mid bass anyway) I thought the M80s were quite a bit more bassier than the D2000/M50. The D2000 and M50 sound fairly similar (with the D2000 being more refined overall) but the M80 is much less treble heavy than both of them. If you move to the V-Moda's from the Denon, the +lows -highs might make them sound a little bloated but technically they are quite good.


I wouldn't get the M50 because they are more of a downgrade than a sidegrade but the M80 should be okay and they are quite portable.

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Sound-wise, to compare D1001/CAL! with M80 is indeed more fair IMO but in EU the price difference is HUGE!

M80 = 2 x CAL!

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Technicalities aside, the D2000 has a bigger, more enjoyable, more refined sound. For me there's no comparison.

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I also own both.  But they are very different cans.  The M80 has a very good soundstage for the size that they are.  That was the most shocking thing to me...exactly how small they are.  But they do a good job.  The D2000 has a much bigger soundstage.  Sometimes I get the feeling that the mids of the D2000 are a tad recessed when I'm listening to music, but they are always great when it comes to movies.  The bass on the D2000 is fuller and more robust while the bass on the M80 seems to be a bit more punchy.  I think they are both great for what they do, but they really are kind of different animals altogether.  I also don't consider either headphone a bass monster. 

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